With fluctuations in used vehicle pricing and trend variations across segments, a clear view of price performance over time is critical to your business. That’s why J.D. Power developed the Used Vehicle Price Index Service — a monthly index tracking current and estimated future movement of wholesale used vehicle prices at both the industry and segment level.

The Used Vehicle Price Index Service offers:

  • Industry- and segment-level indices
  • Historical index data since 1995 for models up to 8 years in age
  • Forecast index data for the current year and two years ahead, providing insight into future opportunities and risks
  • Index data underpinned by AuctionNet® data, representing more than 80% of the nation’s auction transactions from Manheim, ADESA, ServNet, ABC, and key independent auction houses
  • Insight into used vehicle price performance and how movement could impact business performance

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Service Level Options

The Used Vehicle Price Index Service is available in two levels, both of which generate a monthly report. As a subscriber, you’ll receive an email prompt to download the new report in the format you prefer: Excel file or CSV. Choose the service level that best meets your needs.

Service Level 1 Service Level 2
Price Complimentary $1,200 / year for company-level subscription
Industry-level data
Segment-level data
Historical data
Forecast data — current year
Forecast data — two years out from current year

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Our Methodology

Our used vehicle price index and forecast data provide time-series price measurements of a fixed pool of vehicles (or the “same” vehicles), with changes based predominantly on contemporary and expected market conditions. This process eliminates nearly all bias that could come from fluctuations in vehicle age (e.g., more younger vehicles entering the market) or vehicle mix (e.g., more expensive trucks entering the market).

Our methodology is as follows:

Derive baseline data from our proprietary database of auction transactions.

Filter out non-representative sales, including those for vehicles with abnormally high mileage and extreme prices.

Adjust mileage to represent the typical level for each vehicle’s age.

Weight the data from the vehicle level up to segment and industry levels to generate a monthly aggregated index value.

Aggregate vehicle-level indices to produce industry and segment-specific depreciating series.

Control for depreciation based on statistically derived depreciation estimates and make seasonal adjustments.

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